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environmental &
social responsibility

Neugo is committed to creating a positive impact on the communities we live and work within and the environment that surrounds us through a variety of initiatives.

We chose to drive social impact

When our company was just the beginning of an idea a long time before we formed our our company values we had a belief that improving the software we use to work with one another can not only be better but saw the potential for it to serve as force for good.

Neugo supports a range of organisations and supports our team members to pursue their choice in charitable initiatives including Tech for Good, the Greentech Alliance, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and New Forest for Ukraine.

Flexible working and it’s
positive impact on
employee wellness

Organisations and their employees alike recognise the benefits of remote working to improve work-life balance and productivity. Neugo safe-guards efficiency with your remote-working and by structuring collaboration to your workflows can give you back the time to do the important things. Flexible working is now widely acknowledged to have a positive impact on workforce productivity. Neugo helps you to attract the best talent and allow them to use their abilities, unfettered and empowered with the right remote tools.


We are proudly on our own carbon neutral journey and care deeply about our environment

Neugo has teamed up with PlanA to measure our own carbon footprint across our business. We are offsetting our CO2 emissions via our portfolio of climate credit projects provided through Sand, an audited carbon credit marketplace.

We are eating our own dog-food and the calculators we build and use can help our customers to work out how they can achieve their net zero goals.

Ready to reduce your company
carbon footprint with neugo?

Book a free meeting with us where we calculate the potential reduction in your carbon footprint based on the adoption of flexible working, shifting more face-to-face meetings to neugo meetings taking into consideration overall operating carbon from your buildings and the associated impact of transportation and energy usage.